• public attributes :
    • for new class / project : only declare property as public attributes
      public class MyDataObj {
        public String propA;
        public int propB;
    • for existing code , you could keep the code "as is", or convert the code :
      • change the scope of attribute from private to public
      • drop trivial getter and setter (basic access)
      • replace caller access via method by direct access to field, (install) compilation of project could help identified callers
  • If your project use libraries need getters and setter, then install GetAndSetAdder as post-compiler.
  • If you want to add behavior when accessing property (or replace less trivial getters/setters), then you need to integrate an AOP tool (like AspectJ) into your project and create the aspectj that do the wanted behavior (We'll start to create a catalogue of Aspect for the common use case, (help welcome)).