Using GetSet with ant

!!! TO TEST !!!

Currently no ant task is provided, so to use call tool into ant build.xml. We use the CLI version from ant.

  • download maven-getset-plugin-[version]-with-dependencies.jar (or from sourceforge).
  • add call the getset tool into your build.xml
    <project ...>
      <target name="post-compile" depends="compile">
        <java jar="${basedir}/tools/maven-getset-plugin-[version]-with-dependencies.jar">
          <arg value="${build.classes.dir}"/>

The main class is net.sf.alchim.getset.PostCompilerCLI, and it require one argument, the path of the root directory with the classes to transform.

(No copies of the original classes are done)

PS: If you want a Ant Task, submit a request into the tracker or write your own (and send us it for integration, contribution are welcome).